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Poly Enclosing


All of our Sitma machines are fitted with the latest Domino Bit Jet+ addressing systems, enabling us to ink jet graphics as well as data addressing. This allows customers to choose a postal provider after printing as we can ink jet the indicia.


All of our machines have selective capabilities and can allow up to four selective inserts. This helps to avoid splitting lists and therefore reduce postage costs.


With the addition of a Sitma M1-11, we are now able to enclose up to fourteen items in a mail pack. This allows customers to include up to thirteen different inserts, four of which can be selective.


Our Lake camera system allows us to cross match two items in a mail pack. This will also enable you to use ‘read and print’, a process in which the camera reads a personalised item and then ink jets a matching address to the mailing.


For the news trade, we are also able to offer side seal technology with the additional offering of sealed headers. This process produces a quality looking pack to stand out amongst other magazines on the newsagent shelves.

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